, mining first step

first step of mining with computta

First, sign-up the site. mining software download

Download by pressing that cloud icon on the Smart Minor menu.
The current version is 0.96 and we have solved a lot of issues related to Windows firewall and vaccine that we talked about in the previous article.
First of all, if you download and run the miner, the installation proceeds and the benchmarking process goes through.

benchmark your machine
benchmark your machine

And if you press the start earning button here,

start mining
mining screen

Mining screen like this. I don’t have a Referral user at the moment, so it’s zero and My Devices shows me other equipment mining under the same account. I also have 1-2 units, but I don’t use them now. As you can see, the mining screen itself is very intuitive and convenient.

The PC used for screen capture is AMD 5 Series Spec + GTX 1050Ti. With this specification, it’s about $86 a year (I remember it was somewhere between $48 and $50 before).

It’s more efficient if you have multiple windows machines than a decent mining PC.
If you use 50% or Smart mode and leave 90% or 100% in front of your PC for a long time, you can utilize your resources more efficiently.
I think it would be better than I thought if we had an automated structure that allows us to turn it around comfortably when we have free time.

I will write the withdrawal method and other explanations in next episodes.

And that is my ref link.

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